The Girl with Green Eyes - Betty Neels

This book I liked but not as much as her others, I couldn't really see the chemistry between the h Lucy and H William and I thought he spent most of the time with the ow Fiona than with Lucy despite him falling in love with her, I would have liked to have seen him woo Lucy. I did like the explanation he gave her towards the end that Fiona meant nothing to him and was all about having fun and taking her out whenever he got bored but all I could think was he must have been bored all the time considering the amount of time he spent with her lol and I wished Lucy did actually try and move on but she spent most of the time plotting ways in how to marry him but I did like near the end when he got a taste of his own medicine when he got falsely told that she was going to marry another man despite himself proposing to her beforehand. I liked Lucy but she was always putting herself down and I thought she was a little on the stalker side lol and I found her family condescending especially about the orphanage where she worked at, I liked the ending especially where Fiona causes mischief but like all the others she wasn't very clever, the ending wasn't that satisfactory as it ended too quickly, I would have liked to have read about them going to her family and reading about their reactions but I'm happy that we did see Fiona's reaction when she realised that no matter what William would never marry her.